Dog Remedy for Paw Licking & Chewing

Best dog remedy to stop your dog from lickings his paws is to put him in the shower and spray-wash his lower legs and paws after each outing in the park or walking on other peoples lawns. Our local parks (and most peoples lawns) are doused with chemicals and fertilizers. Wiping his paws off with a wet paper towel or wash-cloth isn’t enough. The contact chemicals, fertilizers, and pollens from lawns and parks need to be washed off.  After our outings, I usually put Galtee in the shower and spray his lower legs and paws with the spray hose and use a little dog-shampoo. After I rinse his paws, I apply a little dog-conditioner and rinse that off too. This is the best dog remedy for paw licking and chewing.   It works for Galtee!

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