Best Remedy To Stop A Dog Attack…

After Galtee was so viciously attacked last Sunday,  I resolved to take serious action to prevent another such incident.  Our friend Lynn suggested a remedy—a stun-gun;  I ordered Vipertek  from  It cost about $32 including tax and shipping.

Just got it today.  It needs to be charged for 10-12 hours.  After a 2 hour charge, I tested it.  The flashlight is very bright, and the very loud buzzing sound alone would  deter an  attack, or would scare an attacking animal.   Galtee was so scared by the buzzing sound that he ran upstairs and didn’t come down for an hour.
The metal prongs in front of the flashlight are the contact points to shock an attacker.  I hope I will never have to use it—I think the buzzing sound alone is the answer.  The Vipertek  is the perfect remedy to defend against an attacking animal.

Stun-Guns are legal in California…see Penal Code 12650.


Dog Remedy…Rimadyl or Turmeric?

Galtee was prescribed Rimadyl  ( yesterday for his eye bruising, neck bruising, and bite wounds.  After I gave him his first dose, I researched Rimadyl: it’s side-effects are horrific–they include death.
Because his veterinarian said he was in pain, I gave him the two doses yesterday–he experienced no side effects.  This morning he ate his breakfast, and a little while later I cooked 1/2 tsp of Turmeric in coconut oil with green lentils and buffalo.  I was surprised that he gulped it down.
I have decided not to give him any more Rimadyl and just continue with the Turmeric.  I think the best remedy for Galtee’s neck bruising and bite wounds is Turmeric–a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
TURMERIC: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and…


After Your Dog Is Attacked…

After the Husky attacked Galtee on Sunday,  I thought that he didn’t have any injuries.   He has a double black coat, so it’s difficult to see wounds.  Sunday night,  I discovered a scratch under his right eye and puncture bites on his neck.  I applied Neosporin ointment to each wound and assumed he was ok.
This morning, Tuesday, he woke up with a bloodshot right eye;  I called the VPI (Ask A Vet) hotline.  The vet-tech advised me to take him to a veterinarian as the bloodshot eye might be from internal eye damage  or some kind of concussion.
We made an appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Craig at Veterinary Speciality & Emergency Center.  She noted the scratch and puncture bites, and discovered a large bruise on the right side of Galtee’s neck.  She said the bloodshot eye resulted from his head being shaken during the husky attack.  She recommended 3 days of Rimadyl  for pain and antibiotics for the bite wounds.  I declined the antibiotics because of Galtee’s history of systemic yeast.  She said that teeth bites inject large amounts of bacteria into the blood stream and if the bruise/swelling gets larger or tender I will need to return for the antibiotics.  She advised against applying Neosporin to open wounds as directed on the Neosporin Warnings literature…it’s “for external use only”.
I researched Rimadyl after I gave Galtee his first dose…it has nasty side effects…including death.  I’m scared!



Remedy When Your Dog Gets Attacked…

Walking in the rain....
Before the attack….

Early this afternoon Galtee was attacked at Russell Park.  We were just starting our walk when we were approached by a stray Husky and a Labrador Retriever.  The Husky sniffed Galtee and immediately attacked him.   He had Galtee pinned down underneath him; it looked as if he were going to kill Galtee.  I reached down to unleash Galtee and beat the Husky  with the leash.   After a  few seconds of  beating and screaming, the Husky walked away.  I then realized what a dangerous thing I had done.  The Husky could have attacked me!  There was no one in the park–and no one came out of  the many houses around to help me.

I called 911 and they rerouted me to Animal Control (AC).   It took 35 minutes for the AC officer to arrive.

In the meantime, we ran  back to the car; the dogs were watching us about 30 feet away.  I checked Galtee for bites; it’s difficult to see blood  on a black coat, so I rubbed a white paper towel over his body–no blood.  It was raining at the time of the attack, and Galtee was wearing his raincoat…this might have saved him from being bitten.
I can’t understand why Galtee has never defended himself when he has been attacked by other dogs; he just lets it happen?  This was the 5th time in 7 years!

The AC officer found the two roaming dogs; a neighbor told him the owners were away for the weekend.   The officer said the dogs went back inside the house,  and he was going back there to  put a citation on the door as he saw that the dogs were off leash.  He said he would return tomorrow to talk with the owners and do an inspection of the property to find out how the dogs escaped.  He gave me a Sworn Affidavit/Complaint Form to fill out and said he would collect it from my address tomorrow–he is required to submit the original form.

Some time ago, I read that the best remedy/defense against an attacking dog is an automatic umbrella–I left my umbrella at home today!

Animal Control Officer Vaughn  gave me a copy of the
County of Los Angeles Animal Ordinances:



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