Best Remedy To Stop A Dog Attack…

After Galtee was so viciously attacked last Sunday,  I resolved to take serious action to prevent another such incident.  Our friend Lynn suggested a remedy—a stun-gun;  I ordered Vipertek  from  It cost about $32 including tax and shipping.

Just got it today.  It needs to be charged for 10-12 hours.  After a 2 hour charge, I tested it.  The flashlight is very bright, and the very loud buzzing sound alone would  deter an  attack, or would scare an attacking animal.   Galtee was so scared by the buzzing sound that he ran upstairs and didn’t come down for an hour.
The metal prongs in front of the flashlight are the contact points to shock an attacker.  I hope I will never have to use it—I think the buzzing sound alone is the answer.  The Vipertek  is the perfect remedy to defend against an attacking animal.

Stun-Guns are legal in California…see Penal Code 12650.


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