Remedies for Galtee’s Venom Bite.

Galtee has been chewing his right paw for 3 days.  He had a very small pinkish irritated area on one of his paw pads.  The area looked as if he had scraped it on something.   I soaked his foot in a solution of vinegar and water 1:4 ratio twice a day and applied hydrocortisone cream.   The pink area improved, but he still wanted to chew his paw off when I removed his shoe and sock.  
I called the VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) consultant hotline,  and the veterinarian said that he might have a splint in his paw and I should take him to a veterinarian to have it checked.  So, Friday I called the vet’s office.  They advised me to bring him in Saturday morning.
 Galtee did not cooperate with the exam, and the very  patient veterinarian  (really unusual)  spent some time trying to evaluate his paw.  She thought that he  probably was suffering from  a venomous insect bite; she said Galtee was experiencing pain in his paw.  She said this is very common–it could have been a spider bite,  but more likely some other venomous insect.   
She recommend that I stop soaking his foot and use Pramosoothe Spray three times a day,  Damp Heat Derma Relief (Chinese herbs) 2 twice a day, and Benadryl 25-50 mgs twice a day.
Galtee has been much calmer since I started his treatments yesterday, but I still have to keep the shoe and sock on.  His veterinarian said the venom bite effect might  last for 10-14 days.  
This is the first time I have heard about a venomous insect bite on dogs.  Can’t imagine where he got it–the park, the backyard, ?.



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