Don’t Let A Veterinarian Extract Your Dog’s Puppy Teeth!

Recently, I was socializing with Tara, Galtee’s friend since puppyhood, when I noticed that her front teeth were missing.  I asked her mom about it.  She told me that when Tara was a puppy, a Banfield veterinarian recommended that she have her “puppy teeth” extracted to make room for her permanent teeth.  The veterinarian removed Tara’s  “puppy teeth”–the problem was…they were actually her permanent teeth!  

Tara’s mom was a new dog mom at that time, and thought the veterinarian was giving her the best professional advice for her dog.  This beautiful boxer is now 9 years old, and has gone through life without her front teeth.  
Some veterinarians are really evil–can’t think of a better word for such incompetence–or was it greed?  Next time we go to a veterinarian, we should check the parking lot–if it’s got Ferraris and Maseratis–maybe it would be a good idea to change veterinarians.
 I’ve read on the internet that Banfield has been sued many times for malpractice.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let A Veterinarian Extract Your Dog’s Puppy Teeth!”

  1. So so sorry this happened. I also suggest reading ALL the reviews posted online about a vet. It might help decide on one. So many seem to be out for the $$. I have and have always had Boxers and cannot imagine them without front teeth!

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