Specimen For Urinalysis–For Your Next Vet Visit!



A dog urine specimen is a very simple thing to obtain. Use a large plastic container to collect the first morning specimen, then pour  it into a smaller container to bring to your veterinarian.  Label the specimen with your dog’s name and date of birth.  

Please bring the specimen with you on your next vet visit.  If you don’t…the veterinarian will get the specimen by extracting the urine with a needle into your dog’s bladder.  Your veterinarian, most likely, won’t tell you how he/she will obtain the specimen–and hope you won’t ask; you will see a collection fee on your bill.  

Why would anyone take a risk like this? Think about a possible resulting infection, and/or puncture of the surrounding abdominal structures?  I can’t imagine any person in their right mind allowing a physician to get a urine specimen from them by extracting it with a needle into their bladder.  Please don’t do it to your dog!

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