A Remedy For A Dog’s Change In Behavior?

Galtee & Paolo!
Galtee & Paolo!

A friend bought an ultrasonic pest  repeller to solve  his tree rat problem; it has a range of 5,000 ft.  The pest repeller drove my dog crazy –we had to leave his house immediately.
 If we notice behavior changes in our pets, it may be that a neighbor is using an ultrasonic pest repeller (some repellers have a range of more than 5,000 feet).
On the Good Life website it says the pest repeller will disorient rats, squirrels, deer and other animals. One testimonial said it affected a German Shepperd, but not other dogs. It certainly affected my dog! If anyone notices behavior changes in their pets, they might check and ask if neighbors are using ultrasonic pest repellents.
Get rid of the ultrasonic pest repellers–that’s the best remedy for a happy dog!

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