Remedy To Remove Chewing-gum From Your Dog’s Fur!

Chewing Gum!
Chewing Gum!


Galtee picked up chewing gum on his leg–from under the table at The Lazy Dog Cafe yesterday.  I didn’t notice it until he got home!
Chewing gum may contain Xylitol which is toxic if ingested by dogs.  And there was a disgusting large lump of it on his leg, so he obviously didn’t try to eat it.  At least I didn’t have to worry about that!
A pox on the moron who threw it under the table!

In the past I have used  Goo Gone to remove chewing gum and beach tar from his paws, but recently read that Coconut oil is a better alternative.

With about eighty-percent of Galtee’s cooperation, I went to work with latex gloves, a flea comb, and Coconut Oil.  It took quite a few minutes to remove the disgusting mass of a moron’s saliva stained chewing gum from Galtee’s fur; the Coconut Oil worked and had a much more pleasant smell that the  Goo Gone!

 I will do an “under the table inspection” before Galtee ever sits down under another table!

It’s true–Coconut Oil is a great remedy to remove chewing gum from fur!






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