Galtee’s Meals!



1 cup;
Buffalo, beef or turkey, 1/2 duck egg,  broccoli, bok-choy,
1/2 tsp duck eggshell powder, 1/4 tsp Turmeric, 2 tbsp. puréed green lentils, and g
oat cheese.
(I cook the Turmeric with the meat, vegetables, and egg.)

Lunch:  1/2 can of sardines with probiotic VSL#3  (1/8 tsp–about 56 billion CFUs)
(Trader Joe’s Wild Caught Unsalted Sardines in Spring Water, 3ozs)

Dinner: Buffalo, beef or turkey,  1/2 duck egg,  zucchini, collard greens, 2 tbsp. of puréed green lentils.
1/2 tsp duck eggshell powder, 1/4 turmeric, 1/2 tsp Hemp oil, 1 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Snacks: Elinora’s  Icelandic Fish Skin Chews, Beams, Cod skins

Green vegetables vary: broccoli, bok choy, collard greens, zucchini, green beans, and occasionally, spinach.

Also, beef bone broth and occasionally liver.


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