Dog Friendly Restaurants


                                                                      DOGS ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED ON RESTAURANT PATIOS…SINCE  JANUARY 2015.

PHD info: guidelines for the allowance of pet dogs in outdoor dining areas.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, & Newbury Park:

                                 Barone’s:  Westlake Village
     Best pizza.  They are dog friendly; their enclosed patio is in the back of the restaurant.

                                                Lazy Dog Cafe:  Thousand Oaks                       
Best restaurant to meet other dogs & their owners.  Everyone is very friendly.  Food is ok & cheap.  They bring water for dogs without requesting it.  They have a special menus for dogs.  

                                    Spumoni: Newbury Park
Very small patio.  More dog tolerant than friendly.  Food is good and reasonable.

                            Champagne: Westlake Village
Nice patio, not enclosed, no shade.  Good food, reasonably priced.

                             Casa Escobar:  Westlake Village                           
Large patio, enclosed.  Dog tolerant (not friendly).  Good food & prices.  Some waiters are rude.

                                         Fins:  Westlake Village                    
Large patio, not enclosed, very friendly.  Can order for dog.  Good food, prices moderate.

                                  Wicked Way Cafe:  Westlake Village
Patio not enclosed.  Very friendly, good food & prices.

                                                        BillyDZ BBQ:    Newbury Park                             
Large enclosed patio.  Very dog friendly.  Can let dog off               leash.  The best cheap BBQ.   They have patio heaters at night.

                     The King’s Head:  Studio City
                           Great British Fish & Chips and other healthy options.             Very dog friendly; patio is not enclosed.  Can order for dog; they will cook hamburger or fish to order.

                                                           BT’s Southern BBQ:   Huntington Beach
Best BBQ…especially chicken wings.  Good prices.  Very dog friendly: they give free dog biscuits.


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  1. Helen,
    This is so great!!! And of course the pictures in the gallery are wonderful, especially the one of Luke and Marty. I learned a lot about allergies and I’m going to try some of your remedies on Luke.
    Thanks for sending this,
    Marcia, Frank, Luke and Marty

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