Dog Friendly Restaurants


                                                                   DOGS ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED ON RESTAURANT PATIOS…SINCE  JANUARY 2015,

Link to PHD info: guidelines for the allowance of pet dogs in outdoor dining areas.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, & Newbury Park:

                                 Barone’s:  Westlake Village
     Best pizza.  They are dog friendly; their enclosed patio is in the back of the restaurant.

                                                Lazy Dog Cafe:  Thousand Oaks                       
Best restaurant to meet other dogs & their owners.  Everyone is very friendly.  Food is ok & cheap.  They bring water for dogs without requesting it, and they have a special menus for dogs.  

                                    Spumoni: Newbury Park
Very small patio.  More dog tolerant than friendly.  Food is good and reasonable.

                            Champagne: Westlake Village
Nice patio, not enclosed, no shade.  Good food, reasonably priced.

CiCI’s: Westlake Village
Dog’s have to be lifted over the patio fence.  Large potted plants block the outside entrance to the patio,  and the staff refuse to move them aside for the dog to enter.  It’s too difficult to lift a large dog over the fence.

Brents: Westlake Village
Deli food-average.  Enclosed patio.  Dog tolerant, not friendly.

PF Chang’s: Thousand Oaks
Good food and the most dog friendly restaurant in TO.
Unenclosed patio, dogs allowed inside restaurant.

King Fish:  Calabasses
Great food and unenclosed patio.  Dog friendly.

                                                        BillyDZ BBQ:    Newbury Park                             
Large enclosed patio.  Very dog friendly.  Can let dog off  leash.  The best cheap BBQ.   They have patio heaters at night.

                     The King’s Head:  Studio City
                           Great British Fish & Chips and other healthy options.             Very dog friendly; patio is not enclosed.  Can order for dog; they will cook hamburger or fish to order.

                                                           BT’s Southern BBQ:   Huntington Beach
Best BBQ…especially chicken wings.  Good prices.  Very dog friendly: they give free dog biscuits.

Agoura Hills Deli
Very dog friendly!  Enclosed patio.  Great deli food!

Cheesecake Factory
Thousand Oaks
Dog friendly.  Indoor and outdoor patios.
Good food.

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  1. Helen,
    This is so great!!! And of course the pictures in the gallery are wonderful, especially the one of Luke and Marty. I learned a lot about allergies and I’m going to try some of your remedies on Luke.
    Thanks for sending this,
    Marcia, Frank, Luke and Marty

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