Natural Dog Remedy for Dry Skin

Galtee at the beach!

For Galtee (who has dry skin), the natural dog remedy for his dry skin is organic coconut oil.    He starts scratching about every 3 weeks; then, I massage his whole body with warm organic coconut oil, take him for a long walk and afterwards give him a warm shower.   I use a plastic glove-brush to massage the coconut oil into his skin and rinse with the warm water. Then, I use his usual lavender shampoo and conditioner.  I towel-dry him and brush his coat vigorously.
This causes Galtee to behave in the most rambunctious way: for about 10 minutes after his shower he runs up and down the stairs at about 90 miles per hour and tosses his favorite toys in the air.
The coconut oil definitely stops the scratching and gives his coat a very soft and shiny appearance.  There are many expensive conditioners on the market as dog remedies for dry skin, most are not helpful, and some only make the condition worse.  The ones I used previously did nothing for the little scaly dry skin patches that Galtee used to have on his lower legs.  Coconut oil works the best of all of them–because it cured Galtee’s dry skin condition.  Please follow us on Facebook and join our RSS feed.

Pet-parents needed for 11 Golden Retriever Puppies!

Chloe & Pups
Chloe & Pups

Help! Eleven Golden Retriever puppies need homes!

Message from our friends Paula & Ralph…
“Dear friends: I want to share with you a sad, but heart-warming, story, and to ask if you can help. Forever Friends Golden Retriever Rescue (FFGR), a fine local organization Paula and I have recently had the opportunity to do some things for, have encountered their greatest challenge ever. They learned of a sweet Golden Retriever named Chloe, age 2, who recently had a litter of eleven (yes, 11) puppies! And this was only a few months after having another litter of nine.
The owners live in a very run-down section of NE Los Angeles, and they decided that they couldn’t care for the mom or the pups. Well, FFGR rescued all of them over the weekend, and they are now safely ensconced in the home of one of the FFGR volunteers (God bless her heart).
After whelping is complete, they will need to find homes for all eleven of the pups; FFGR has very enthusiastic volunteers, but finding homes for that many, at nearly the same time, will be a real challenge. I have offered to contact all of my friends to see if any of you have an interest in adopting an adorable Golden Retriever puppy. Perhaps you could also forward this email to many of your friends, who may forward it to their friends also. Here is a picture of Chloe and her pups: Thank you for your prayers, your good thoughts, and any help you might be able to provide…”.
Forever Friends Golden Retriever Rescue of Ventura County is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable corporation PO Box 1129, Moorpark, CA 93021 (805) 222-6059 or toll-free (866) 580-6369; Email:


Dog Remedy Immunovet

Galtee is on Immunovet because of an enlarged lymph node on his right shoulder.  Immunovet is an immune system stimulant and food supplement.  He has been on it for 1 wk.  He refused to eat his food when I sprinkled the Immunovet on top.  I gave him the tablets instead (the company included 2 pkts. of 10 tablets each)–he likes the tablets.  This coming week I will mix the granules with his food again and hope that he will eat them.

Natural Dog Remedy for Cancer

Our friend Ralph has been kind enough to share his dog Kacie’s experience with
a natural dog remedy for cancer.
“Dear Friends:  Kacie is prone to mast cell tumors, which is a type of cancer – we had one removed soon after we adopted her, and appears to have grown another a few months later.  At the suggestion of a good friend, who is also an expert in canine health and has written books on the topic, we began adding Immunovet to her regular diet.
Immunovet is a powder made naturally from fermented wheat germ.  It is the canine version of Avemar, which has been shown to be of substantial help in the treatment of cancer and in the restoration of severely compromised immune systems.  It is believed that Avemar and Immunovet impede the growth of malignant cells by changing the metabolism of cancer calls.  See
See also   It is a natural product, requires no prescription, and has no side effects.
Since taking Immunovet (and its new formulation as Immunity4Pets – more of which below), Kacie does not seem to have developed any new mast cell tumors.  Thus it really does seem to work!  Immunity4Pets, the newest version of Immunovet, now is available in the US and Canada, is now easily available, on the following website:  Because Immunity4Pets is being made available by the friend and canine healthcare expert I noted earlier, I will be happy to pass along to her any questions you may have.  And, it is NOT expensive.
I’m very excited about Immunovet, and as Galtee has just developed an enlarged lymph node on his right shoulder, I’m going to start him on Immunovet.  I have
ordered it today; it cost $65 for an 8oz jar of granules.  Please check out the website and share the information with all the petparents you know.  This is a great way to help our dogs.



Itchy Feet Home Remedy For Dogs


Galtee, Karma & Shuki play after their salt water therapy at the beach.
Galtee, Karma & Shuki play after their salt water therapy at the beach.

My friend’s dog gets itchy feet. Her veterinarian recommended  soaking her dog’s paws in salt water as a home remedy for dogs with itchy feet.  After each visit to the park she fills up a tub with warm salt water, enough to cover her dog’s lower legs.  The dog spends a few minutes soaking her itchy feet in the tub. My friend then  carefully dries  off the dogs paws and between the toes. I took Galtee to the beach, to use the oceans salt water as a home remedy to his itchy feet.    At the beach we met a pit-bull puppy who’s dad takes her to swim twice a week to control her dermatitis.  So, I plan to use salt water baths this year if Galtee itches again and I can’t make it to the beach.  Please follow Galtee on Facebook and subscribe to our RSS feed.

Dog Remedy for Itchy Chin


Galtee has been scratching his chin this morning.  Sometime ago , he scratched his chin until it bled.  Today, I decided to use Burt’s Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm on his chin.  This is really easy to apply.  I just applied a few strokes of it under his chin and rubbed it in.  This seems to have calmed the itching down, and he is not trying to lick it off.  My dog remedy for itchy chin is Burt’s Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm.  It’s working for Galtee!  Please follow Galtee’s adventures on Facebook and subscribe to our RSS feed.

Dog Remedy for Paw Licking & Chewing

The best remedy to stop a dog from licking & chewing his paws is to put him in the shower and spray-wash his paws after each walk.  This has always worked for Galtee.  Just wiping his paws off with a wet paper towel or wash-cloth wasn’t enough.  All the contact chemicals, fertilizers, and pollens, from lawns and parks need to be washed off.

After our walks, I usually put Galtee in the shower and spray wash his paws with a little dog-shampoo.  Then, I apply a conditioner and rinse it off with a solution of baking soda and water (1/4 cup of baking soda in a quart of warm water).  To avoid problems with paw licking and chewing I now do this as a routine after our walks–no more problems–this remedy for paw licking and chewing works for Galtee!

Dog Remedy for Diarrhea

One of Galtee’s human friends gave him Fish Bites from McDonald’s a few days ago, next day he had severe diarrhea.  The dog remedy for diarrhea for food indiscretion, (advised by Galtee’s Ayurvedic doctor) is cooked oatmeal.  I prepare it with lamb broth instead of water.  It clears up the diarrhea immediately.  When Galtee was a puppy, and fresh from the shelter, he had frequent diarrhea from round worms and stress.  The vet recommended an expensive prescription kibble which was basically made from plant and wood cellulose.  This worked well too.  Other vets recommend boiled rice and cottage cheese.  When I have tried these in the past they worked slowly–Galtee took longer to recover.  The best dog remedy for diarrhea associated with food indiscretion is cooked oatmeal.  Other causes of diarrhea or prolonged diarrhea require veterinary attention immediately.  Don’t wait until your dog is dehydrated!  Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our RSS feed.

Dog Remedy for Tar Removal from Fur

Galtee & Austin
Our two dogs Galtee on the right & Austin on the left playing at Ventura Beach.

Today I am going talk about tar removal for dogs. I took my dog Galtee to Pierpoint Bay Beach where he frolicked in the waves and rolled in the sand.  He  got tar on his fur, so       I went back to the car and got my dog remedy for tar removal called Goo Gone.  I soaked paper towels with Goo Gone and applied it to the patches of tar.  The tar came off easily.   Then I sprayed him with water to remove the Goo Gone.   Goo Gone is the best  remedy for tar removal, because it easily comes off your dogs fur and it doesn’t cause any irritation or problems that I know of for your dogs skin.

Once we got home I gave him a shower. We don’t need expensive tar removal products for our dogs. There are plenty of home remedies for dogs that are inexpensive, like Dawn which the Wild Life people use to clean birds.  Feel free to  follow Galtee and I on Google Plus and Facebook. If you would like to always be informed of our latest home remedies and Galtees adventures then subscribe to our RSS feed.

Dog Remedy for Rattlesnake Bite

Unfortunately, March is the start of rattlesnake season. The news reported that 4 people were bitten by rattlesnakes in the last week. We will have to chose only wide trails for our hikes when the weather is hot, and hike early before the sun warms up the snakes!  The dog remedy for a rattle snake bite is avoidance and rattlesnake aversion training. Galtee has had rattlesnake aversion training twice, and we will do it again this year. I believe that Ryan Folse, DVM has the most humane and professional training program. The cost (last year) was $85 per dog.  The training lasts until the dog learns to avoid the snakes, usually 10-20 minutes.  Dr. Folse’s staff  bring three snakes; one hidden under a bucket (sound), one visible, and one to scent.  The snake’s mouths are taped (humanely).  Dogs are given mild shocks in a collar around the neck to associate the unpleasantness with the snakes.  Most dogs are fast learners.  Watch his online video Consider getting the dog remedy for rattlesnake bite aversion training for your dog.

Dog Remedy for Boredom

I ordered DogTv last month for Galtee.  He was fascinated by it the first two times he watched it.  I tried to get him to watch it again, but he just turned his head away and refused to give it any attention.  I thought DogTv would be a good dog remedy for boredom when I need to leave him alone for a couple of hours.  It didn’t work out, so I cancelled it.  Now, when I have to leave him alone I use the Animal channel as a dog remedy for boredom.  Sometimes when I’m home I put it on, and I see him watch it for longer than he watched DogTv.  Galtee prefers real life action.

Dog Remedy for Throat Irritant

Last week Galtee started sneezing and coughing.  I called the veterinarian to report his symptoms.  The office staff person told me that Galtee probably had Kennel cough.  She asked me to bring him in at 3pm and to knock at the window when I arrived so they could let me in through a side door.  She advised me that Kennel cough is contagious and that Galtee was to avoid other dogs until cleared by the veterinarian.   Galtee sneezed and gagged a few more times that morning; he had no other signs or symptoms of Kennel cough.  I went online to do research on Kennel cough and find dog remedies.  I wrote a list of questions for the veterinarian.  When we arrived we were ushered in a side door.   Galtee hadn’t coughed or sneezed for 2 hours and didn’t do it in the presence of the veterinarian.  The veterinarian said Galtee’s r symptoms might be an irritant in his throat oa mild form of Kennel cough.  He asked me if Galtee had been eating grass; he had.  The veterinarian related a story of a dog remedy the previous week where he had removed a long blade of grass from the throat of a dog with the same symptoms as Galtee.  As he couldn’t completely rule out Kennel cough, the dog remedy was to treat Kennel cough with 14 days of Doxycycline.  He said if Galtee was still coughing and sneezing in two days the dog remedy would be a general anesthetic to explore his throat and nasal passages.  That night Galtee generated the best remedy–a gigantic sneeze–covering my face and hair.  Whatever was lodged in his throat was instantly dispatched.
I had to continue with Doxycycline for seven days.  The antibiotic cost me $148 at Costco.  As Galtee has VPI insurance the insurance should pay most of the medicine.  The office visit cost $53…$50 for the deductible.  That was an expensive “blade of grass.”


Dog Remedy for Bloody Chin

Galtee has been scratching his chin for 2 days.  Our pollen count is the highest it has been all year; the Santa Ana winds are blowing, and Galtee has been rubbing his nose in the grass.  I am also considering that the itching might be due to his new toothpaste.  The Enzadent company has discontinued the brand, and the only available malt flavor (Galtee won’t accept poultry or beef flavor) is CET toothpaste.  As I wash his mouth and chin after each teeth brushing, I doubt that the problem is his toothpaste.  This morning there was a streak of blood on the couch, and when I washed his chin with a wet paper towel there were drops of blood on the towel and on my hand.  The dog remedy I used was to apply aloe vera gel to the bloody area and put his shoes on to reduce the scratching damage to his face.  Another dog remedy for bloody skin is to apply milk to  the area.  Luckily, the bleeding stopped quickly.  I will keep his shoes on today except on his walks.  If he starts scratching again I will give him Benadryl as another dog remedy.

Dog Remedy for Painful Cacti Spines.

Towards the end of our hike with our “Hiking with Dogs” group in Wildwood last Saturday, we heard a dog squealing and howling in the hills and someone yelling.  The scene was too far away to see what was happening.  As we approached the parking lot, a man came running down one of the side trails carrying a white poodle tummy up.  The dog had run into a cacti patch and the lower half of his body was covered in spines.  About 2 years ago Galtee only brushed against a cactus in Wildwood, and for the next 2 days I kept removing cacti spines from the left side of his body.  It was difficult to feel them,  and to see them because Galtee is black. The dog remedy to remove cacti spines might be to take the dog to the vet or try to remove them yourself.  If you have any doubt about spines under the skin, please take your the dog to the veterinarian ASAP.  Cacti spines can travel under the skin and puncture internal organs.  The best way  to avoid  the problem is to keep the dog on a short leash around cacti plants, and never let your dog off leash on the hiking trails.  I hope that poodle recovered quickly.

Behavioral Dog Remedy

On Saturday we went to the Pet Expo in long Beach.  There were so many great looking dog visitors, and so many great looking dogs for adoption.  We met Shorty Rossi of “Pit Boss”…the popular pit-bull rescue show.  We saw dog-candies in a box that looked like “See’s Candies”, made with peanuts and carob–might be an interesting gift idea, and as Galtee refused to try one, I brought one home to dissect.    We also met Terri Steuben, “The Pet Whisperer.” She said that “all animals are telepathic” and see our thoughts first; therefore, it is important that our verbal commands match our mental pictures.  If our mental pictures don’t match our commands, our pets become confused.  She gave an example of not wanting a dog to jump on a visitor, yet our mental picture is of the dog jumping on the visitor.  She advised saying something like “all feet on the floor” and holding the mental picture of the dog with his feet on the floor.  She said this behavioral dog remedy will require some practice at first; the practice will result in harmony for everyone.  I plan to try it immediately; I bought her book “The Pet Whisperer.”  When I got home I sliced the peanut and carob candy…it looked like sawdust inside and had no flavorful smell.  Galtee refused to try it again.  I’ll stick to our healthy recipes on Dogs Blog 2!

Remedy for Safe Dog Food

At Costco yesterday, I was picking up a bag of dental Checkups for Galtee.  A lady next to me was looking at the Bully Sticks bag,  and she asked me if I knew if they were safe to handle.  We both checked the bag and saw “Made in the USA.”  I assumed they were safe to handle (they were not made in China); I told her I would not spend my money on any dog food I thought was not safe to bring  into the house.  I give only human-grade food  to Galtee.  And as so called “dog food” is not much cheaper than good human-grade food.  The remedy is to give your dog safe and healthy food!

Dog Food Recall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 25, 2013 – The Hartz Mountain Corporation is voluntarily withdrawing its Hartz Chicken Chews and Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken for dogs in the United States because they contain trace amounts of unapproved antibiotic residue.


Dog Boredom Remedy

Galtee has just started watching Dog Tv.  His ears are getting a lot of exercise!  Great dog sounds and dog activities.  Scenes with dogs swimming, running, walking, playing and tugging at toys.  There are also scenes with wild animals and people.  The background music is soooo soothing.  He loves it for now.  It’s computer live-streaming and I hook it up to a large screen tv.  It costs $9.99 a month.  A remedy for dog boredom.  Click on Links to access the DogTv website.

Dog Remedy for Health Costs.

Do You Have Pet Health Insurance?

The best remedy for help with dog health insurance costs is to have pet health insurance.  Galtee has always had VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance).  He has been lucky as he has had to use it only a few times for minor injuries, and a bad bite from another dog.  It costs $40 a month, and there is a $50 deductible for each new occurrence visit.  VPI pays 70% of the approved visit costs.  Pet health insurance would be really needed  if our pets were unlucky enough to have an accident or major illness.  Pet health insurance is the remedy for costs with unforeseen health problems or accidents.

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