5076 Chesebro Rd. Agoura Hills, CA 91301
818.851.9077 Agoura Hills

I think Dioji is a good dog boarding place in our local area.  The staff are super friendly and a trainer supervises the dogs (resting and playing) at all times.   Galtee won’t let anyone cut his nails so I asked them to try cutting them.  I stressed that I didn’t want him traumatized, and advised them not to do it if he became too upset.  They told me they clipped 2 nails at a time, and let him play between clippings.  They said they didn’t have to put a muzzle on him.  I am really happy with the way they did this–it shows that they care about dogs!

Xina Uhl
Another great dog-sitter is Xina Uhl…  She took care of Galtee in her home recently, and  I was very happy with the care and attention he received.  Xina’s own dogs are very well behaved and she has the perfect dog-sitter personality…firm and kind.

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort
This dog water park was a fun place for Galtee.  After he passed his evaluation which I watched on TV and through a window, he was happy to leave me to explore the many dog rooms in this colorful hacienda.  Paradise Ranch is a totally off leash resort with many areas for play–the parks, the pools, and the beach.  There were many large dogs running around–friendly and having fun.

The staff were very relaxed and caring.  There was a trainer stationed in each outdoor area, and in each room during nap time.  The supervision is excellent–I feel very comfortable leaving Galtee in their care.

The thing that I like most about this place is that they have a web cam that I can access to see what Galtee is doing at all times.

I was also impressed by the fresh smell and cleanliness–no poop anywhere!

I think Galtee has found Paradise!





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