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Galtee’s Gut Flora Test @ Animalbiome

Galtee had his gut flora tested at Animalbiome about four weeks ago.  He is missing seven groups of bacteria, which may be causing his ongoing GI symptoms.  He appears to need more fiber in his diet which I hope will help to repopulate his gut flora.  The team at Animalbiome recommended adding psyllium and inulin to his meals.  We will test his gut flora again in about two months and hope his flora  will be much improved.

See Animalbiome gut flora results for Galtee:

Copying report hasn’t worked.  I will contact Animalbiome for help.

Galtee at Hemopet for his Rabies Vaccine!

Galtee at Hemopet for his required Rabies vaccine.  In spite of   documented evidence in the research of  Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM (Hemopet) and others, the Veterinary Board and the State of California  refuse to accept high Rabies antibody blood titers as evidence of immunity to Rabies.  According to Jean Dodds, DMV, her research demonstrates that the Rabies vaccine has proven immunity for 7 years, and probably lifetime immunity,  yet California law requires that our dogs get Rabies vaccine every 3 years!  


The label on the Rabies vaccine vial advises veterinarians against giving the vaccine to unhealthy animals–this warning is ignored with horrific results; many dogs develop seizures and  immune disorders.  It’s been reported that the unnecessary vaccines and the illnesses they cause make up 80% of veterinary practice income!  It’s all about money!!!

Galtee’s veterinarian recommended Homeopathic Lyssin 1 ml every 24 hours for five days to counteract some of the vaccine effects.

I hope it works!

Drooling at the Dog Park!

Wasp sting! fullsizeoutput_1fa2Galtee appeared to be having a great time at the new dog park, until I noticed he was drooling a waterfall.  He ran around, a little agitated, but I thought he was having fun!   And another large dog had the same drooling waterfall glistening from his mouth.  But, by the time we left the dog park, Galtee’s drooling had stopped.

Later, when I was brushing him, I felt a lump on his left side; it was a dime-sized welt with a puncture wound in the center.  Googling told me it was a wasp sting (no stinger seen).  I cleaned the welt with Betadine and applied a baking soda paste to the area.  I gave Galtee 50 mgs of Benadryl–he was probably still in pain from the histamine reaction.  He seemed calm, and the Benadryl helped him to sleep well.

Then I called Nationwide Pet Insurance Veterinary Consultation Hotline to ask if the Children’s Liquid Benadryl would work faster for the probable next sting.   The veterinarian recommended Benadryl Liqui-Gels, because the Children’s Benadryl dose is too low and would require having to administer too much of the solution.  As Galtee’s dose of Benadryl is 50 mg,  it would be easier to give him two Benadryl Liquid-Gels.

I gave Galtee  Benadryl 50 mg twice a day for the next two days because he  kept trying to chew the welt.   I applied Apple Cider Vinegar to the sting site three times a day.  And It took about a week for the welt to disappear.

So, Benadryl is the remedy for wasp and bee stings,  but it’s an emergency if a dog is allergic to bee and wasp stings and that needs an immediate  veterinary visit.

I plan to bring Benadryl to the dog park on every visit!