Dog Boredom Remedy

Galtee has just started watching Dog Tv.  His ears are getting a lot of exercise!  Great dog sounds and dog activities.  Scenes with dogs swimming, running, walking, playing and tugging at toys.  There are also scenes with wild animals and people.  The background music is soooo soothing.  He loves it for now.  It’s computer live-streaming and I hook it up to a large screen tv.  It costs $9.99 a month.  A remedy for dog boredom.  Click on Links to access the DogTv website.

Dog Remedy for Health Costs.

Do You Have Pet Health Insurance?

The best remedy for help with dog health insurance costs is to have pet health insurance.  Galtee has always had VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance).  He has been lucky as he has had to use it only a few times for minor injuries, and a bad bite from another dog.  It costs $40 a month, and there is a $50 deductible for each new occurrence visit.  VPI pays 70% of the approved visit costs.  Pet health insurance would be really needed  if our pets were unlucky enough to have an accident or major illness.  Pet health insurance is the remedy for costs with unforeseen health problems or accidents.

Do You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth? Remedy for prevention of gum disease and cavities.

February 2013 is National Pet Dental Care month.
Some veterinarians are recommending that we brush our pets
teeth twice a day.  Galtee likes to have his teeth brushed with an electric tooth brush in the morning, & a triangle shaped toothbrush at night.  His favorite toothpaste is C.E.T. (Virbac) malt flavored enzymatic toothpaste.  He loves to have his teeth brushed!  I just say “teeth” and he runs to his bathroom and licks his lips.  He has no gum disease or tooth decay.   Gum disease is now known to cause heart disease in animals.  Galtee’s friend Troy had 5 molars removed a few days ago; his gums were so bad his teeth had to be removed–this was preventable with daily brushing.  There are many articles on line and on  that discuss gum disease, plaque and cavities.  Many pet dental problems are preventable with daily dental hygiene.

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